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Here are some of the questions we get asked by our customers. If you can't find the answer your looking for please do not hesitate to get in contact today.
Do I require planning permission to install a premium pod? All of our pods are constructed under the terms of permitted development. In most circumstances planning permission will not be required.

How close to my fence can I have my garden room? We can install your garden room as close as 600mm of an obstacle. This can include fences, hedges and other structures.

Do we have to erect our garden room ourselves? No, we will do all the hard work for you. Delivery and installation is free within our 25mile radius.

Can we lock our garden room? All of our pods come with energy saving double glazed windows and doors. All of our products are fitted with multipoint locking systems for that added security.

What if my garden room is faulty? All of our garden rooms are made to the highest of standards and are put through a vigorous sign off process. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong don't worry, All premium pods come with a 6 year structure guarantee.

Will my pod be warm in the winter? All of our pods are fully insulated against the elements. Optional heating can be added.

Can I move into my garden room? No our garden rooms are not built to current uk building regulations and are classed as a non habitable space.

Do you offer a log burner? No we don't recommend that a log burner be fitted. We do not offer this service or make provisions for one to be fitted.

Can I have a toilet or shower in my pod? Yes you can specify a toilet or en-suite inside your pod. Please note that we do not connect the soil pipe to the foul drains. You will need a local ground worker to do this for you.
Will my building have electrics? Yes our pods come with sockets and lights as per your specification and order. We do not offer an electrical connection to the pod. You will need your local electrician to connect to the IP rated joint box located on the rear of your building. 

Can I paint the outside of my pod? Our pods come pre finished and do not require painting or staining. If you wish to change the colour of your pod you can paint it. We recommend using a water based product and this will not affect your warranty.

Can I extend my garden room at a later stage? No we do not recommend that you extend your pod. If you do alter or amend your garden room, over or above our original specification this will invalidate your warranty.

Do you fit solar panels on your garden rooms? No we do not offer this service or recommend having them fitted. This may alter your warranty around the roof.

Do you offer totally bespoke pods? Yes if you can't find what you are looking for please just ask. We are happy to create you your very own style based around your design ideas.

Does your price include VAT? Yes all of our prices are fully inclusive of VAT, delivery and installation.

Do you offer finance on your pods? No we do not currently offer finance at this time?

Are your garden offices big enough for two people to socially distance? Talk to our design team about this requirement. We can ensure that your office is built large enough to allow the 2 metre distance between workstations where garden space is adequate.

Can my building be attached to our house? No we require a minimum of 600mm clearance from any other structures. Our bespoke oak verandas however can be bolted directly to an existing building.

Can my building be built to suit a triangle shaped plot? Yes we can create a building to suit almost every application. Please discuss this with our design team today.

I have an existing garden shed, Will you remove this for me? No we do not offer site clearance, you will need to make sure that the build area is clear ahead of our start date. We will not remove sheds, fences other buildings, vegetation or rubbish. If the site is not clear for us to work we will cancel your installation date and a charge will be made to re book this.

How long does the home survey take? It is important to us that we capture your exact needs for your garden room. we advise that you allow an hour for us to make sure we iron out all the details. Most home surveys are usually complete within half an hour.

Do I need a skip? We will take away all of our associated waste that we create. It is your responsibility to ensure that the build site is clear ahead of our start date.

Can I have the internet in my pod? Yes you can have the internet. We offer a smart plug solution within our options. For best results we recommend you get a local electrician or service provider to install a hard wired option.

Will you install the plumbing to my toilet? We will install all the relevant pipework for you toilet or en-suite internally. This will include water and waste pipes. We do not  connect water to your building or connect the fouls drainage to the sewer system. You will need a local groundwork to do this for you.

Will you paint the inside of my pod? We do offer a decoration service as part of our options. All internal decoration is emulsion on the walls and ceiling and water based eggshell on woodwork. All oak doors and skirtings will be oiled and not painted. 


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